Finally a way to work magick with your tarot cards, beyond spreads!

A Spellbook Like No Other

The Tarot Spellbook is a journey through the 78 cards of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, providing a unique spell that corresponds with each card. 

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Why is The Tarot Spellbook groundbreaking / amazing / all of the above?

This book gives you a fun way to learn the cards, and a practical way to work with them (we love practical and USEFUL witchcraft!).  Each spell in The Tarot Spellbook connects to a dominant theme of the card, helping you connect to the card on a personal level, and furthering your knowledge of witchcraft. From candle magick, to spell jars, to ritual baths, and more, The Tarot Spellbook utilizes spellwork of all kinds to truly aid you in expanding your magickal practice, turning you into the witchy tarot hot stuff of your dreams.

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I know, I know. You can't WAIT until September for The Tarot Spellbook to be published. I got you! My Tarot Suits and Spellwork workbook was created to help you learn how to incorporate and work with the suits of tarot in your spellcrafting. In this workbook you'll learn all about the suits in tarot and how to work with them in your craft.

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About the Author

Sam Magdaleno is a professional witch, author and tarot reader. Creatrix of The Big Book of Tarot Meanings and the popular Instagram handle, @SamtheCosmicWitch, Sam offers resources on witchcraft and tarot, as well as a monthly membership centered around working with moon magick. She specializes in demystifying witchcraft, and making it practical and applicable to everyday life.

Having grown up visiting Wiccan shops and collecting crystals with her mom, Sam experienced the positive influence that witchcraft had on her life, and is dedicated to helping others live in alignment with their inner witch.

Sam is obsessed with overalls, coffee, and horror movies. She lives in Alberta, Canada.