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A game changing take on card interpretation, The Big Book of Tarot Meanings provides tarot readers of all levels with clear, concise, and easy to understand tarot card meanings.

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Why is this the greatest book on Tarot ever written? Let me tell you!

Ok babe, how many times have you done a Tarot reading for a specific topic, and when you go to look up interpretations for your cards, you can’t find meanings that relate to what you’re asking? If you’re anything like me, the answer is: too many!

The Big Book of Tarot Meanings changes the game! Rather than fitting card interpretations into a one-size-fits-all strategy, this comprehensive book divides each tarot card interpretation into specific meanings for all of the most popular reading categories: beginnings, career, money, love, friends & family, health, higher guidance and outcome, with meanings for both upright and reversed cards! Yep, 16 different interpretations for each card!


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The Ultimate Tarot Spread Workbook

The Ultimate Tarot Spread Workbook

There's no beating around the bush, reading Tarot can be... overwhelming! Luckily for you, I wrote the book on it ;) Doubly lucky for you, when you preorder The Big Book of Tarot Meanings you'll receive my 27 page Ultimate Tarot Spread Workbook, for FREE! This Workbook will walk you through 10 spreads to get your clear AF guidance, provide templates to help you create your own spreads, AND give you workbook pages to get the most out of your daily draws. Psssst- did I mention that this workbook was created exclusively for witches who pre-order The Big Book of Tarot Meanings?! I won't be making it available anywhere else!

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The Big Book of Tarot Meanings


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About the Author

Sam Magdaleno is a professional witch and tarot reader. Creatrix of the popular Instagram handle, @SamtheCosmicWitch, Sam offers resources on witchcraft and tarot, as well as a monthly membership centered around working with moon magick. She specializes in demystifying witchcraft, and making it practical and applicable to everyday life.

Having grown up visiting Wiccan shops and collecting crystals with her mom, Sam experienced the positive influence that witchcraft had on her life, and is dedicated to helping others live in alignment with their inner witch.

Sam is obsessed with overalls, coffee, and horror movies. She lives in Alberta, Canada.