Ready to embrace your inner witch,
but feeling confused AF on where to start?

Are you overwhelmed by all the different aspects of witchcraft & moon magick, like:

Holographic foil magic crystals

What crystals to use
for which purposes

Holographic foil magic moon and stars

What to do on
new and full moons

Holographic foil hand casting magic spells with stars

How to cast spells

Holographic foil witch head with magic stars

How to connect with
your inner witch

Holographic foil magic smoke and stars

Incorporating witchcraft
into your daily life

Holographic foil constellation and stars

Learning what’s going on
in the current astrology
and how it affects you

Amanda G says...

“All my life I’ve felt drawn to the moon and moon magick, but I never really knew where to start my journey of harnessing that magick. I discovered Sam’s Cosmic Babes two years ago and my knowledge of the moon phases and how they affect me has grown exponentially! Plus the package you receive is so aesthetically pleasing, easy to understand and – my favorite – easy to apply to everyday life. I love being a Cosmic Babe!”

There’s a reason witchcraft has seen an astronomical rise in the last few years.

Embracing your inner witch means finding your inner power, accountability, and magick.
You KNOW your inner witch is waiting to be unleashed into her full potential, she just needs some practical guidance
(taught in a way that makes sense!).

Let the magick begin!

That’s why I created Cosmic Babes.

  • Cosmic Babes is the most comprehensive and practical membership for modern witches ready to embrace their inner magick and expand their craft.
  • In Cosmic Babes, we demystify witchcraft so that you can create a practice that works for you. Cosmic Babes is here to guide you through growth and expansion in your spiritual practice, to provide a roadmap and tools to navigate your journey, to live your most abundant and soul-aligned magickal life.

Brittany B says...

“I joined Cosmic Babes when I was pregnant with my second child as a form of self care for when my baby arrived. What started as something I could dive into on my own and learn something new from, became something I look forward to and am completely in awe of every time.

Sam puts so much love, time, energy and knowledge into these workbooks. She has a way of making them easy to understand and fun to read with her added wit and humour. When I read them I feel seen. I am always in awe of how accurate they are. I have been brought to tears of healing more than once. She includes phone backgrounds, affirmations, tarot spreads and more! It’s truly a sweet little package of witchy moon magic and I absolutely love it!”

Imagine if...

There was one resource that had everything you needed to know about beginning and expanding your journey into witchcraft and magick!

Holographic foil circle with black checkmark

You understood and knew how to utilize the power of each different moon phase

Holographic foil circle with black checkmark

You didn’t feel so lost in life and were able to work with astrological guidance to see a clear pathway for your purpose

Holographic foil circle with black checkmark

You knew how to correctly and effectively work with tools such as tarot, astrology and crystals, and use them in your everyday life

Holographic foil circle with black checkmark

You could grow your spiritual practice and knowledge with new workbooks, and videos – updated monthly

Holographic foil circle with black checkmark

You knew how to incorporate ritual practice into everyday life

Holographic foil circle with black checkmark

You had a community of badass babes supporting you on your journey

Begin your journey into witchcraft!

Hey babe, I’m Sam Johnson,
also known as Sam the Cosmic Witch.

I’m a Professional Witch who helps women simplify and demystify spirituality and witchcraft, so they can live their most magickal and abundant lives.

Five years ago I was depressed and completely disconnected from my spirituality. On a whim one evening, I went to a New Moon circle, and my life completely changed. Astrology and witchcraft provided a toolkit to help me make sense of and guide me in life.

In the beginning of my journey things were... well, confusing! I mean, all of the astrology lingo, and trying to connect other spiritual tools, like tarot and crystals, to my journey with moon magick... I remember thinking to myself, “Why isn’t there somewhere with all of the basics for witchcraft + astrology, in language that actually makes sense?!” And one summer night, Cosmic Babes was born.

Cosmic Babes is everything I wish I could have had to help me on my spiritual and astrological journey. This is a place where you learn to connect with your inner witch, your intuition, and understand and work with tools that will help you live your most abundant and aligned life.

Cosmic Babes is for you if:

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with where to begin or continue on your spiritual journey
  • You’re ready to stop feeling so lost in life and really connect to your higher purpose
  • You want to understand the basics of witchcraft and how to incorporate into everyday life, taught in a language that actually makes sense
  • You crave connection to your inner magick and intuition
  • You’re ready to get into deep alignment with your power + purpose, and show up as your most magickal self

In Cosmic Babes you’ll learn:

  • Real life ways you can work with the current moon cycle (We’re talking more than generalized statements like “step into your truth!” I give you practical, real life thangs to do to tap into that moon magick)
  • How to deepen and strengthen your spiritual & witchy practice
  • The most useful themes to work with in spells and rituals for the current lunar cycle or season
  • How to set your intentions in a clear way to manifest the ffffffffff out of them
  • All the basics you need to become the magical witchy babe you’ve dreamed of being

Lauren G says...

“I have been a member of Cosmic Babes for quite a while now. Every single month, I look forward to the workbooks so much. They are so beautifully illustrated and detailed and easy to understand! I've always had a burning desire to work with the phases of the moon. But other than literature, it was hard finding the tools and rituals that I needed to work with the new moon. Cosmic Babes simply sets it all out for you. Cosmic Babes has helped me grow in my spirituality so much and I am so glad that I joined!”

Cosmic Babes Memberships

Cosmic Babes

Each month you'll receive:

  • Full Moon Workbook: A printable workbook specific to each Full Moon. Featuring an astrology breakdown, tarot spread, crystals to work with, + more!
    ($20 value)
  • New Moon Workbook: A printable workbook specific to each Full Moon. Featuring an astrology breakdown, tarot spread, crystals to work with, + more!
    ($20 value)
  • Affirmation Cards: Print and pull cards with affirmations to help guide you through each zodiac season. Hang on your mirror for daily reminders!
    ($10 value)
  • Wallpapers: Are you even a moon witch until you have fun, astrology themed phone wallpapers to change out each month?
    ($10 value)
  • Journal Prompts
    ($10 value)
  • Monthly Energy Report: A breakdown of what’s going on in the cosmos + how it affects you
    ($20 value)
With Monthly Bonus Content (priceless!) ranging from:
  • Mini Trainings / Courses
  • Workshops
  • Guest Expert Trainings
  • Spell Videos
  • Guided Meditations
  • Live Guided Rituals

Total Value: $100+ worth of support and guidance each month!

Join now for just $33/month!

Cosmic Coven VIP

Each month you'll receive:

As a VIP member in the intimate Cosmic Coven, you'll receive all of the Cosmic Babes content, PLUS:

  • Access to Close Friends Content on Instagram($20 value)
  • Invitation to a live Monthly Witch Crafting Coven Night together with Sam on Zoom
    ($50 value)
  • Monthly Tarot collective energy guidance
    ($60 value)
  • Discounts on current & future products / offerings($10-100 value)
Become a Cosmic Coven VIP for $55/month!

Samantha L says...

“My experience with Cosmic Babes has been nothing short of an incredibly uplifting and empowering experience. Sam not only provides amazing knowledge to help assist my life through all energy shifts (the good, the bad, and the ugly), but she also has created a very safe space to be myself and feel good just as I presently am.

I feel like I can take ownership of my life just by taking the time to refocus with each new moon in Cosmic Babes. And honestly, I just loves Sam's honesty and realness. I would recommend Cosmic Babes to, really any woman that wants to be apart of an environment that supports raising Women's awareness in self love, self reflection, while feeling super supported.

P.S. Sam's reiki sessions and intuitive reading on what's going on is literally ALWAYS spot on and I highly recommend getting some cards pulled.”