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Hey babe! I'm Sam Magdaleno, and I'm obsessed with simplifying witchcraft and tarot to help you manifest your most abundant AF life.
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I'm Sam Magdaleno, a personal trainer turned full time witch, who's obsessed with helping you ignite your inner magick and abundance through witchcraft and tarot.

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Cosmic Babes is here to demystify witchcraft and guide you through growth and expansion in your spiritual practice.

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If you're seeking guidance or insight into a situation, a tarot reading can help you feel clear AF.

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The Big Book of Tarot Meanings breaks down each card to make your next reading quick and easy!

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Cosmic Babes is a monthly membership community for those looking to embody your inner witch, embrace your magick and expand your craft.

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The Big Book of Tarot Meanings

Your new go-to Tarot book! A game changing take on card interpretation, The Big Book of Tarot Meanings provides tarot readers of all levels with clear, concise, and easy to understand tarot card meanings.

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